Scramble With Friends

Scramble With Friends 4.53

Challenge your friends in this word finding game


  • Very social
  • Fun to play
  • Addictive


  • Tokens required to play every round

Very good

Scramble With Friends is a social puzzle game where you challenge your friends.

Each game lasts three rounds and you have to find as many words as possible inside a grid of sixteen letters. The more letters the word is results in a higher score. Each letter has an individual point value and in some games, letters have greater letter or word values.

The interface of Scramble With Friends is simple and easy to understand. Each round has a two minute time limit, so you have to find as many words as fast as possible.

Scramble With Friends adds in different power-ups like locating words or rotating the board. These power-ups can help increase your score.

To play Scramble With Friends, you have to use in-game tokens. These tokens replenish over time, but you can also purchase more tokens so you can play more often. The app also connects with Facebook and Twitter to find more friends who are playing Scramble With Friends. You can also play multiple matches with the same person.

Scramble With Friends is a fun social puzzle game that challenges your vocabulary.

Scramble With Friends


Scramble With Friends 4.53

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